Steam Cleaners

Steam Vapor Cleaners will produce 212 degrees (Boiling) water as it discharges at the nozzle at 250psi. The Water is heated to approximately 325 degrees in the heating coil and rapidly expands as it enters the atmosphere where it vaporizes and increases its velocity. Boiling Water at 250psi will do the following:

  1. Rapidly removes oils, grease, embedded grime from metal surfaces, parts, equipment, farm machinery, kitchen equipment, vent-a-hoods, frames, and other truck and equipment components.
  2. Tank cleaning, and degassing petrochemical tanks, gas tanks, and diesel fuel tanks prior to welding.
  3. Thawing pipes and drains and other frozen parts not affected by ultra hot water.
  4. Tobacco Barns for easier removal of and less breakage of tobacco leaves.
  5. Transmission Casing and Engine Block Cleaning.
  6. Weed Control. Kills weeds immediately on contact with the 212 degrees (Boiling) water. Excellent choice around lakes, ponds, and waterfronts where herbicides cannot be used.

Our Steam Cleaners are available in Portable (Oil Fired), Stationary (Oil, LP or NG Fired) and Gasoline Engine Driven (Oil Fired) Units. The Portable Units are 115 VAC operating on 15AMP Circuits or portable generators. The Gasoline Engine Skid Units include a 2500 Watt Generator operating the 115VAC Oil Fired Burner. The Gasoline Engine Units are made for Mobile Weed Control applications and can be mounted on a customer truck or trailer, or installed on our custom trailer.