Hot Water Stationary

Largo Hot Water Stationary Units are the workhorses of our cleaning equipment. If you are looking for a dependable, hardworking, durable cleaning machine, look no further. These units are the right choice for heavy duty cleaning tasks like fleet washing, metal cleaning, pork production facilities, parts cleaning, agriculture facilities, maintenance shops, automobile dealerships, truck maintenance facilities, and in-plant cleaning operations.

Single or three phase Baldor motors with voltages from 115, 208, 230, or 460 (based on volume gpm and operating pressure psi) with 24-volt controls. General pumps are standard on these units but you may also choose an AR, Cat, or Comet Pump. Natural gas (NG) or liquid propane burners (LP) are available; however, these are natural draft burners and must be vented to operate properly. We have the right combination of volume, pressure, and hot water to accomplish any cleaning task.

We also provide numerous options that will make your application more user-friendly. Remote control boxes allow the operator to start/stop the pump, burner, and detergent or multiple detergents in the work area without returning to the machine. Adjustable system timeout when the trigger is released. Upstream high-pressure chemical injection for phosphatizer/acid applications. Electric clutch controls that engage/disengage the pump with the trigger gun make for a user-friendly machine. Downstream low-pressure chemical applications or a foaming system designed for truck and bus washing in wash bays. Take a look; you’ll like what you see!