Hot Water Portable – Gas

Largo Hot Water Portable Gas units have oil fired burners (#2 Diesel, Kerosene or Home Heating Oil). The gasoline-driven pump systems provide you with the option of using a 115 VAC 5amp burner with a 35ft GFCI or a 12VDC burner (standard) which is powered by a battery. The 12VDC system requires a heavy duty battery that must be regularly maintained. The engine will keep the battery charged when used regularly but periodic use or extended storage may require installation of a trickle charger to keep the battery hot. The 12VDC system allows total portability. The gas engine system with the 115 VAC burner must be connected to electricity. It is 5amps and a generator may be used.

These models are available with direct driven pumps (3450 RPM) or belt driven pumps (1450 RPM). The direct driven machines are designed for intermittent applications. Connect directly to a water hose with enough volume to support the machine. Belt driven machines are designed for heavy usage and may either connect to a standard water hose, supply tank or mobile tank.

STANDARD: All machines come complete with a 50ft wash hose, 4ft lance with trigger gun and quick connect spray tips. Ready to use out of the box, add fuel, any electrical requirement, a water source, quick connect the wash hose, flush, add the spray tip and go to work.

OPTIONS: Some favorite options available for these machines are Steam Combination (with temps to 275 degrees), Rotating Nozzles for fast penetration of grime, grease, and gunk. Hose reels increase the life of the wash hose and provide additional safety to prevent falls especially on slick wash areas. Let us know of any special option requirement you have and we can make it happen.